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Index – Sport – Csaba Sós: We don’t have one of these geniuses yet

It was an unforgettable moment for the 19th FIFA World Cup, as he felt eyes twinkling on Saturday night at how unfair it was when his once-gone gold medal was handed back to American Justin Reese after the 50m backstroke final. Didn’t you notice that she was alive?

No, I thought Matej Molnar had said goodbye to the audience, I fired Smee. In Fukuoka, at the 2001 World Cup, it was once done to change the rules for the Americans, just so they wouldn’t have to disqualify their relay. It’s good that Matty warned me before I had a word or two left on my lips which I don’t necessarily mean to the general public.

Then let’s now hear what it is meant for the general public!

Well let’s start!

How would you rate the Hungarian swimming team’s performance on a ten-point scale?


This isn’t too bad, but it’s not great.

This is what it is about. It’s a fact that no one has won a medal except for Christoph Milak, and now I don’t want to take fourth place, Szabó Szebasztián and Hossz Katinka. I do, however, admit that I took the medal, and maybe even silver, from the men’s 4x100m sprint relay after the semi-finals – from which I advanced to the final with the third best time. I did not agree, I was wrong.

Why didn’t you meet?

forget that…

But really…

Five years ago, at the 2017 World Cup, we owed our bronze medal to Buhus Rixie, and now for some reason it hasn’t come together. But I don’t even want to blame him by chance, I don’t. It is enough that he blamed himself after the final.

Was there another number that the medal could fall back on?

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Quick Change 4 x 200 for men. I had a hunch that after the semi-finals – in which we followed up with Richard Marton, Nandor Nymeth, Balaz Hollow and Christoph Melak also won the third best time – I would change the rankings and Nandy would start, Rixie was second, but then they asked me to stay. Everything is as it was. I’m not saying they’ll finish fifth after that, but… they haven’t swam together in five years and Ricky has progressed from Milac’s training partner to his team, so much so that I want to try the 200 butterfly at the European Championships in Rome in August, let me fight Kindressi. I have to start something with billing anyway.

what do you think?

I must find the fifth and sixth, for it cannot go on to say that the Italians, the French, and the British–e.g. only Europeans, not Americans, Australians, and Canadians–return shifts and rest in the evening while we are the same people.

Why didn’t so many of us attend themselves?

Not just us. Elsewhere, the June date was problematic, as it was not until the end of February that it became clear that Budapest would jump to the place of Fukuoka and that the World Cup would take place in June. It takes a genius like Melak not to affect the timing of his performance. But we do not have one of these geniuses, I note that there are not so many in the world.

If five names were highlighted, who would they be? Who are the World Cup champions?

Milak, David Popovici, Leon Marchand, Summer Macintosh, and Katie Ledecky, to name a few old bikers. Who, of course, is only 25 years old.

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Do you have any clues as to why Caleb Dressel regressed before the final of the 100 Fasts?

There are two, though I want to be very careful, because whatever the right advice, I consider Dressel a great swimmer and a great champion no matter what. So, starting from there I don’t think he got his best for the World Cup. No man was such a coward to collide with Melak on a hundred butterflies in front of a Hungarian audience, it is no shame to catch the better form of Melak on the Danube Square. But meanwhile Popovici showed up, swam a much better time in qualifying a hundred times faster than Dressel, which was too much for him, and he didn’t want to fall short of a seventeen-year-old. Because it could have been a throne. This is one of my copies. The second was that he had or had a mental problem before. But whatever the truth, his decision must be respected, and the fact that Darnyi’s influence came to him – we still remember the 1993 European Championships in Sheffield – does not mean he can be talked about.

Do we have new star candidates?

There are, of course, some, but it’s clearly not in the categories of Popovich, Marchand, and Mackintosh. Sooner or later Hubert Coss will catch up, I really loved Nicolette Badar and Dora Molnar racing. We knew about the little girl from Budavock, Dora, that she was good on her back, but I didn’t think she’d break the 54.01 as a hairstylist for a 4×100 gearbox. And in Nicky’s character, we finally have a 200-speed swimmer who can become a classic. Looks very good in the water.

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Why don’t we have a good bust? It’s been slow for men since Daniel Giorta, and for women for the twenty years since Agnes Kovacs retired.

This is not the trainer’s fault, not that Hungarian trainers can’t breed breastfeeding. they know. Classics like the aforementioned Olympic champions are rarely created. But don’t worry, there will be more classic Hungarian boobs.

Is a Hungarian swimming coaching career a good one?

Well, we have good coaches. The solution is for the older generation to pass the baton of change easily to the younger generation.

How about Long Katinka? How do you get a hundred floating medals? Are you entering 2023 as well?

I think it could be in Rome. On the one hand, European Championships are not World Cups, and on the other hand, do you think our women’s 4×200 relay would weaken if you played Long instead of someone? So those 100 are not hopeless. But there is another professional issue that definitely needs to be addressed. The start and the round, which is the best practice in short track racing. Still the legacy of the Széchy era, the Hungarian coaching profession has neglected Group 25 competitions. This is the first time we have organized a short-term national championship for children, teens and youth in Hungary. This is my initiative. We cannot lag behind the world.

Medal production for the Hungarian swimming team in the last seven world championships:

World Championship gold medal silver medal Bronze Medal
2022, Budapest 2 0 0
2019, Gwangju 4 0 0
2017, Budapest 2 4 2
2015, Kazani 3 2 4
2013, Barcelona 3 1 1
2011, Shanghai 1 0 3
2009, Rome 2 2 2

(Cover photo: Csaba Sós on January 27, 2017. Photo: Tibor Illyés/MTI)