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Index – Sport – Ferrari once again deserves its great old reputation

The 24-year-old Ferrari driver has won two of three races and already has a 46-point advantage over the only person who could join the world championship points race. Namely, world champion Max Verstappen will be competing unsuccessfully against Charles Leclerc with a slightly slower if unreliable car. Although there are still twenty races left of the season, Leclerc with a road-capable car looks stronger than ever.

The Dutchman could not finish two of the three races for technical reasons, but he won at the finish line. The worrying technical flaws are related to Red Bull’s fuel system, so the track, which is already descending for Leclerc, was smeared with Vaseline.

Verstappen commented pessimistically about his chances in the league:

We are miles behind. I don’t even want to think about the world championship points race, the most important thing now is to be able to finish the races.

As of the current situation, it does not appear that anyone else can interfere in the World Cup fight. It’s true that Mercedes is currently second in both designer and individual points races – through George Russell – but in terms of race speed it is well behind Red Bull. Unless there has been some massive development for the German stable during the year, we shouldn’t consider Mercedes riders a factor in this year’s world championship fight.

Leclerc’s performance matches a textbook

Although Charles Leclerc said before the Australian Grand Prix that the redesigned Albert Park would favor Red Bull because of its speed, Monaco ran the field in both time trial and race. Max Verstappen had the only chance to take the lead from Leclerc at the end of the safety car stage, but Monaco held their position in the fight. Later, Verstappen’s car gave up the fight.

We’re only past the third race so we shouldn’t really be thinking about the World Cup. Nevertheless, we have a very powerful and reliable car. I hope it continues like this and then we have a chance to win the world title. Looking at the last two particularly difficult years, it makes me and the team very happy

Ferrari rider said BBCto.

Leclerc has changed a lot compared to previous years. So far the general opinion has been about Monaco that they are incredibly fast and talented, but they sometimes overshadow them and make huge mistakes – which usually doesn’t fit into a fight for a world title. Over the years, Leclerc has been very unpretentious, dealing with car failures a few times, and managing to produce results with a race car that didn’t have the ability to do so. This is mainly due to over-assumption.

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Monaco changed by 2022, but only benefited from its new direction. It competes in a more controlled and almost error-free manner. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you do not have to take power out of the Ferrari that the car is almost not capable of. But he did not abandon his modesty based on his statements this year.

Compared to the past two years, my attitude towards racing is different because I know I have a car that has a chance to win. I don’t have to overdo it or do some hair-raising stunts to get a place or two up front because I know I have everything in the car, I have to do my homework

The 24-year-old contestant said of the change.

Although Ferrari in principle does not have the first and second drivers, based on what has happened so far, it seems that Carlos Sainz will not be able to compete with Leclerc. Monaco is faster in both time trials and races, currently having a 38-point advantage over the Spaniards in the world championship points race. But that’s not an unimportant downside at all, especially when you consider that there are still twenty off-season races and the dice can be rolled at any time.

Will Ferrari be able to stay ahead?

Except for Carlos Sainz’s unfortunate weekend in Melbourne, everything has gone perfectly with Ferrari so far. We’ve seen it three times in the past 10 years for Maranellos to start the season dreamily, but later World Cup hopes fell into their arms.

  • In 2012, Fernando Alonso had a huge fight with Sebastian Vettel so that it was clear that Ferrari was slower than Red Bull. In the end, the World Cup title went over three points, with Red Bull running an impressive run in the second half of the season that decided the World Cup.
  • In 2017, Ferrari got off to a great start to the season again, with Sebastian Vettel leading the world championship points race during the first 12 races (more than half of the season), but was unable to reach more than 25 points ahead of Lewis. Hamilton. Because of the huge jump in Mercedes’ performance and the stumbling block for Ferrari and Vettel, Hamilton has already arrived as world champion in the last two races.
  • In 2018, the two four-time world champions competed for the fifth title. Until mid-season, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel handed the door knob to the top of the world championship points race. The last time he finished with Vettel during the British Grand Prix, he had eight points. At the subsequent German Grand Prix, the German rider slipped in the rain, Hamilton won straight races for the rest of the year, while Vettel couldn’t stand the podium in half the races. Many say this is due to the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari and the luxury developments at Mercedes.
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Leclerc is also aware of recent bumps in Ferraris. His comments revealed that he didn’t think it would be easy to keep up with Red Bull either. However, Monaco also mentioned that the same team is developing its own car that it made, which is reassuring.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen significant improvements in the team’s attitude and the performance of their core work. We will soon find our weaknesses and quickly change them. I am confident the team will handle developments well this year.

Since the next racing weekend will be in Imola, close to Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, they are practically starting at home. Leclerc says you shouldn’t treat your weekend race any differently from the rest, they should just stay completely calm and not overthink things.

Red Bull is not bad – if it works

In the three races so far, only Red Bull has been able to compete with Ferrari, although Ferrari has proven to be slightly faster. Red Bull is not perfect in terms of driving ability, Verstappen complained that the team was unable to find the car’s balance with the team, and the car was also frequently killed during the race. But the real problem is reliability. Red Bull has hatched three times so far this season, in all three cases, the cause is in the fuel system.

Today was a bad day in every respect. I didn’t have the speed, I was just dealing with tire management to endure to the finish. It looked like a smooth second position, I knew I wouldn’t have a real chance to fight Leclerc. But I couldn’t finish the race either, it’s frustrating and unacceptable

– said Max Verstappen after the Australian Grand Prix, who had to give up the race for second place on lap 39 due to a technical error.

I’d rather try to make a fast car reliable than accelerate a slow but reliable car

Christian Paul, captain of the Red Bull team, tried to make a positive statement and stick to the rival Mercedes for a bit.

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The Mercedes is fascinated by the crystal ball

Aside from Ferrari, they could be very happy about Red Bull’s unreliability with the Mercedes team. Although Mercedes is second in the constructors’ points race and Mercedes’ new driver George Russell is behind Leclerc in the individual standings, it doesn’t look like the team will be able to contend for the world title this year. They’re about a second behind Ferrari every lap, which is plenty of time, but let’s not forget: Mercedes wasn’t in that position for the first time – although in 2017 and 2018 it wasn’t that big anywhere.

I don’t think we will catch up with Ferrari in the near future. We’ll have improvements, but others won’t sit idly by during the season, so no matter how much we improve, it won’t be as amazing as the accelerations of Red Bull and Ferrari.

Happy George Russell. Judging by the appearances of the Briton, it appears he has begun enduring a team car at the bottom of the vanguard that the construction world champion has devised for the past eight seasons. Although Lewis Hamilton is also trying to remain optimistic, he also said they are far behind Ferrari. He claims he negotiates a lot with the team from racing at the weekend to racing at the weekend, but they have a very long way to go.

It is certain that both Red Bull and Mercedes will be able to develop a car that is more competitive than it is now. The question is whether this stable will have a realistic chance of competing with Ferrari this year.

(Cover Photo: Charles Leclerc at the Australian Grand Prix on April 10, 2022. Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images)