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Index – Sports – 14/14! Was it Rafael Nadal’s last Grand Slam success?

Rafael Nadal He was ready for the 115th game of his career at Roland Garros. The amount of malice for the 36-year-old classic is a perfect indicator that only three out of the previous 114 have failed at the French Open. The question was whether winning his 14th out of 14 finals would be won by a Spaniard preparing for an unusual press conference (fans fear announcing his retirement) after the final, according to press reports.

Nadal’s opponent – according to experts – a Norwegian comes from a much easier lower branch, but still surprising to the end – Casper Road volts. The 23-year-old from Oslo has never made it this far in a Grand Slam, and his best result so far was the fourth lap of the 2021 Australian Open.

Routine, and perhaps freshness in general, spoke in favor of the Spanish language, as it all seemed in vain. One of Garros’ most difficult matches against Alexander Zverev, He spent 3 hours and 7 minutes on court on Friday due to a horrific German ankle injury, while in the semi-final that started later, Rudd’s game went through four sets, and although it was “only” 2 hours and 57 minutes, he was still Much less time to recover.

Nadal started with a confident serve match and was already trying to demoralize his opponent in the first rounds on the ball. The Norwegian broke on his first spurt as a bettor, although he only managed to turn the second ball into a winning point. However, Rudd won the next match as a bookmaker, but before returning to the match, Nadal broke again, so after four matches, both sides stood with a Spanish 3:1 lead and three booms. In the sequel, Nadal brought in the paper form, and made no mistakes as a dealer, so in just 49 minutes, shooting the first game ball, he brought the opening set 6:3.

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Rudd started the second set as a serve, and although Nadal had three break points, the Norwegian trumped the win. Two smooth games ensued, and after 2:1, Rudd took out Nadal’s sending to nothing. The Spaniard, who is currently ranked fifth in the world rankings, needed no more, he immediately broke his 13-year-old opponent, and then, with a perfect serve, managed to beat the Norwegian in-game (3:3) .

The quick equalizer was a turning point: Rudd began making mistakes in the first set again (he scored only 57 percent in the first set in the first set; he was able to maintain 70 percent in the first six games of the second game), which propelled Nadal to the factory, and at 4:3, the Spaniards had the advantage of betting. He finally won the second set with another break, like the previous one, to 6:3.

Rod completely collapsed, losing not only his belief in victory, but also his fun at the expense of his body language. Nadal made fantastic strides towards the 14th Roland Garros Triumph Championship by a rare margin of nearly three. In the end, he beat him 6-0 in less than forty minutes, completely smashing the eighth in the world rankings in the third set.

Nadal won his 22nd GS Championship, currently two places ahead of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, who is second in the men’s rankings with 20-20 success.

It would be a big question if he would ever turn 23: with his serious and recurring leg injury half a year ago, it was questionable even whether he would be able to start playing again. Then he not only entered the field, but won the Australian Open at the beginning of the year and now Garros. He had previously announced that he would not be there at Wimbledon.

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The main message is: Try to keep fighting

“First I can speak after the Grand Slam final: First of all, congratulations to Rafa! We know how great you are! Now I can feel what it was like to play tennis against him in the final. What I don’t say is not easy. Right, I am You are not the first victim. You are a role model, not only for me, but for many people in the world. This experience gives me a lot of motivation, I hope to be able to come back here stronger next year, and I will also learn a little French so that I can express my My gratitude for the support I have received here for the past three weeks.” Rudd said at the awards ceremony.

Struggling with tears, Nadal seized the mic, initially congratulating Rudd on his first GS final, a big step he’s taken this year, and then thanking his crew.

“We have been through very difficult moments due to my leg injuries. You are such a tremendous support, everything we achieved would have been impossible without you.— he told. Speaking of Roland Garros, he continued, thanking everyone from the ball collectors to the race director for coming back to France over and over to feel like he’s come home.

“It’s hard to describe everything I feel right now. I didn’t always think I would be competitive at 36. It’s such a great experience to be here. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s great to play here, to feel such a big encouragement behind me.” Really cool, cool, thank you very much. I don’t know yet what’s going to happen in the future. I’m trying to keep going, I’m trying to keep fighting” He finally uttered the few words that perhaps thousands had been waiting for in the stands, and sent a rebuttal message to the press ahead of the finals.

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Nadal hitting the ball can be seen in the Eurosport video:

The records and series that I rewrote and rewrote today

Rafael Nadal, who won the first two GS Championships for the first time in his career, managed to lift the Roland Garros Trophy for the first time in his life exactly 17 years ago.

He did the same thing in 2005 as he does today: winning the French Open in the world rankings, the lowest ranking for his GS victories.

After Nadal Federer (2017, Australian Open) and Mats Welander (1982, Roland Garros), he became the third tennis player to outlast four top 10 players at a Grand Slam tournament. The “King of Slaughter” claimed his 63rd victory in the tournament on his favorite cover, leading the standings ahead of Guillermo Villas, who scored 49 wins.

At 36 and 2 days old, the Spaniard is the oldest tennis player to ever win a Roland Garros since its founding in 1925.

Among men, he has had the most Grand Slam tournaments to date, with only 22 women having excelled in this success: Margaret Court (24) and Serena Williams (23).

Roland Garros
Men’s singles final
Rafael Nadal
– Casper Roth 6:3, 6:3, 6:0

(Cover Photo: Rafael Nadal June 5, 2022. Source: Adam Peretti/Getty Images)