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Index – Sports – Chapa Suse: Hell has been waiting for Katinka for two months

After the national championship, he said he left with Christophe Milak to try out carrying the series at the European Championship and start whatever he wanted. Did he get what he expected of him?
Now is the time to do so, however, the European Championships are not Olympiads, they are not the terrain for that. He had already won a European title, so he didn’t risk anything, so I supported him to try it out boldly. He now understood what we were talking about when we said not to deal with him in the Olympics. If you’ve already won, you can move on to the next one, and now you have an idea what it’s about.

How did you like your performance as a free swimmer?
He reached the final at a distance of 200 meters and swam bravely there, still driving about 135 meters. Your body is not yet used to it, it’s like a vaccination, next time you will already know it and maybe you can win.

Worried about Long Katinka’s results (especially the 200 mixed)?
See, every streak is choppy, good or bad. At 400, which is what makes the most of the organization, in addition to the most technical, there was already a true Long. We talked about it going between 4:33 and 4:35, and it came. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done from here, as far as what needs to be done from the national championship so far. On the other hand, if you do, you can swim like never before.

But it emerged from deeper crises as well, so we think that won’t be a problem.

Mention of the series and its conclusion; It looks like Agna Kisley is cursed at fourth. How can he be encouraged or comforted after that?
He had an emotional saturation after the National Championship, which he did poorly. He’s worked through the entire pandemic, which started in the Four Nations Championship, and the two have been in training brutally. A psychological barrier moved to him and he was trying to get past it, but what he produced 1500 quickly and how he did it in that case could give hope. I guess it started in one’s mind, what I’ve seen here compared to ob is encouraging.

After the arrest, he left the Olympic question open in the Laszlo Ché and Dominic Cosma case, he said, that he would make a decision after the European Championship. What do you know about this now?

In the case of Czech Laci, the thing was that if you wanted to come to the Olympics, you could come, it’s up to you, and that is still the case. He asked for time to think, and we will act accordingly.

And about Kuzma, it must be said that he was closer to his best time than the Czechs or only long, and he also ran out, which is of course the minimum expectations, but at the same time it was not an easy thing. She has a baby, but she still goes to training camp, works hard, and since she has the time to do so, she tells her that she can come to Tokyo.

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Have there been any Hungarian swimmers in the European championships who changed their minds compared to swimming and their current performance could give rise to hope?
We can talk about this especially in the case of the youth, Viktória Mihályvári-Farkas won a silver medal and swam at A level. At the moment, Kós Hubert cannot swim with the set number three times the same way, he was banished due to the heat in the semi-finals and thus he could not Saving in the final game, but it can be learned. The goal will be the final in the Olympics, so you don’t even have to be there. Anyway, I was most satisfied with it.

Is everyone already talking about the Olympics within the team?
It has been a year now.

For those who won’t be the first, are they worried that this will be very different from what they have been up to now? To what extent can they exclude rumors and circumstances?
They have no choice, and it should be noted that this is. Either someone adapts to it or it fails. The bubble system isn’t good for anyone, but it’s still better than no Olympics.