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Index – Sports – Hungarians do not train in the new arena before the opening match

The team at an online press conference Wednesday afternoon Stephen Julius The Fed captain said they decided not to take advantage of Wednesday’s opportunity and that they would train the day before kick-off at their base in Telki, the Hungarian Football Federation’s training center, and prepare for the match against the Netherlands. Video. He added that they will learn about the circumstances on Thursday, and indicated that he did not think their success would depend on that. The Mangarians’ first opponent will practice in the new Népliget Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Adrien Sibos In this regard, he noted, they were all increasingly experienced and knew how to enter this room and begin such an important meeting.

We have to have fun, but we don’t have to go over the other side of the horse. We have to pay attention, and then we won’t have a problem with that

– said the defense specialist at Telekom Veszprém.

Goulash explained that the Dutch play in the middle of the field very quickly, so rebounding needs special attention. The Netherlands first qualified for the European Championship two years ago, then exited the group stage with one victory and two defeats. FA captain Erlinger Richardson says their goal this year is to reach the semi-finals. Many of their players are at the forefront of Germany, and their biggest star is the coach Luke Staines And strengthens Paris Saint-Germain.

They have played six training matches since early November, knocking out Norway, Denmark, Japan, Poland and Sweden, beating Tunisia. The Hungarians won first place in Bosnia and Herzegovina 26-24 and then 26-23 in November, and they beat Bahrain 36-30 last Saturday.

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The Hungarian and Dutch teams have faced twenty times so far. All matches ended with Hungary winning.

Mate Dominique He also said that the most important thing on Thursday was for the managers to be able to organize the match on the basis of effective defense and good goalkeeper performance. He added that their goal is to take Steins out of the game and score quick goals to make things as easy as possible.

And the Norwegian player Elverum, who plays with the right foot, betrayed that he was having a good time on the field. In the match against Bahrain He scored seven goals And although his ankle hurts a little because he tripped a few days ago, that shouldn’t be an obstacle to his performance.

Adrian Sebos noted that they were still preparing for the usual conditions, but were starting to get more and more excited.

Denmark’s Rasmus Boysen, one of the sport’s most famous experts, predicted Hungary would win a silver medal in the continental championship, Dominic Matthey would win the top scorer title, and Pence Panhedi would be chosen. As the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Let the prophet talk about it. It’s fun for us, but we shouldn’t deal with it too much

The captain commented. He added that they still talk a lot about having to move from match to match, day in and day out, in order to be able to meet their expectations.

It will be the fifteenth and thirteenth continental tournament in which the Hungarian team will also participate, but it is the first men’s global competition in the sport. part Hungary is home. The best performance in the European Championship so far was sixth place in 1998, the team was in ninth, and this year the Hungarian Federation is expected to be among the top eight.

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In Group B in Budapest, the hosts will meet the Netherlands on Thursday from 8:30 pm, Portugal on Sunday from 6 pm, and Iceland from 6 pm on Tuesday. The top two places will reach the semi-finals.

(Cover Image: MKSZ / Kovács Anikó)