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Index – Sports – It doesn’t matter how you kill, if you make him happy afterwards

We have already reported that the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) Mohammed bin Salman Under the leadership of the Saudi ruler, he bought an 80 percent stake in the club, and the total wealth of the new leadership amounted to more than 10 times the wealth of the owners of Manchester City.

And how interesting is the psychology of the fans… The Drukkers who used to rebel against the town’s owners in St James’ Park, for example, can’t do that now. And not because they are forbidden, but because they are in the same place.

In Sunday’s league match against Tottenham, many fans wore Arabic clothes, expressing their appreciation for the new owners who could elevate the club.

Before the Tottenham game, the biggest applause was from the new owners circle in a row Amanda Staveley who helped run the business. There is also a lot to read in the English media about whether there is a greater discrepancy between the fans of the band, but the news has not yet emerged, the vast majority are happy with the “acquisition”. Last year, when an agreement had not yet been reached, a poll showed that 97 percent of fans supported the club’s entry into Saudi hands.

In the region, the Saudi flag is now a fan product. The symbol is the pride and flag of a regime accused of gross human rights abuses.

So the marketing is working, and the Newcastle business undoubtedly serves a political strategy. This is not the first time that a wealthy person or an organization affiliated with an authoritarian rule has purchased prestigious sports clubs or events in order to improve its image on the international stage and increase its influence.

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Paris Saint-Germain, for example, is owned by the Qatari state Qatar Sports Investments Through a company called Nasser Al Kulaifi, and the first man in Manchester City is Sheikh Mansour, chairman of the Abu Dhabi United Group.

This is also the way of Mohammed bin Salman, sport plays a particularly important role in his strategy. In addition to motorsports (Formula 1, Dakar Rally) and boxing (Anthony Joshua – Andy Ruiz Jr. chapter 2 in December 2019), football is now. By the way, the Spanish and Italian Super Cup matches have already been held in the country.

However, there are many problems behind the apparent openness that does not surface. Saudi women now have a little more freedom than they have in recent years or decades, but their disadvantage is still terrible. Not to mention the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Haseqji in Turkey in 2018 for criticizing the Saudi monarchy in several articles written by a journalist. In the cruel bloodbath, Mohammed bin Salman was also deeply affected.

Professional football is a huge business and the craving for money is huge, just think of the idea of ​​the bloated Premier League lately. Moral values ​​and traditions have become sellers in many places.

Representatives of the English Premier League teams held a secret meeting on Monday evening, during which They called for a rule change. It was decided to ban sponsorship contracts that have nothing to do with the sponsor with the club owner from now on.

Fans are actually in a stalemate, and it’s not their fault that sports and politics increasingly overlap. Another issue is that by persisting in sympathy in some places, they partially legitimize the work of dictatorial regimes.

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The question is eternal: the club is above everything, but at what cost?

(Cover Image: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images Hungary)