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Index – Sports – NFL Scandal: Star Catcher Retires

The match was in the third quarter when Brown was visibly talking to someone by the sideline. Although teammate Mike Evans tried to calm him down, the 33-year-old took off his shirt, threw his underwear and gloves among the spectators and headed into the locker room half-naked.

The match was on the field, while Brown celebrated himself with the crowd and disappeared into the player’s bout after a run. According to some reports, the security guards initially thought that one of the fans had jumped onto the field, but later realized that it was one of the players.

Tampa (28-24) won the match without Brown, the head coach at the post-meeting press conference bruce arian It was reported that the catcher is no longer a member of the team.

Incidentally, he didn’t need much of the $1 million guaranteed in his contract, because he would have needed 8 more catches, 55 yards and 1 TD.

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