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Index – Sports – Red Bull honors Honda that left Formula 1 with special paint

According to the original race calendar, he will visit the Formula 1 arena in Japan this weekend. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Suzuka racetrack will also be missed this year, and Honda will not have the opportunity to say goodbye to Hungary, as the engine manufacturer will leave the racing circus at the end of the year. The legendary company returned to Formula 1 in 2015, working first with McLaren, but the relationship was not fruitful. Honda supplied engines to Toro Rosso from 2018 and then to Red Bull from 2019, but at the end of the hybrid era, the legendary manufacturer once again bid farewell to the world of Formula 1.

Red Bull wanted to say goodbye to the company with this particular plate, and Japanese fans were also impressed with the exterior. The white and red color is inspired by the first female race winner Honda. At the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix, Ritchie Ginter took his first manufacturer win with his Honda RA272. Max Verstappen can also test the race car for two years:

In addition to Red Bull, the branch team is also sharing the thank-you note, albeit with less fanfare. On the AlphaTauri’s rear wing is the Japanese word あ (arigato), meaning “thank you,” which has been added to many items of Red Bull and Verstappen’s fireproof clothing.

Many consider the white appearance to be better than the usual dark blue-red-yellow. what do you think?

(Cover photo: Max Verstappen at the White-Red Red Bull in Istanbul. Photo: Dan Esteten/Getty Images)

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