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Index – Sports – The new Usain Bolt is here: waving and pointing, he’s set the 100th world record

The entire sports world is talking about Letsile Tebogó. The boy from Botswana turned just nineteen years old on June 3, but he is already the junior world record holder in the 100-meter dash, winning even over this distance in Cali, Colombia, with a time of 9.91 seconds.

Which could easily have been a 9.8 if he hadn’t been rushing around the last 30 metres.

like him:

The way he smiles for the camera as she takes the final photo of the moment he reaches the finish line is amazing:

A real showman!

Tebogo slowed in the last 30m and looked to the right all the way, as Jamaican Bwaji Nkrumi – desperately – tried to keep up, finishing second with a junior national record of 10.02sec. Tibogo even referred to the Jamaicans, as Bolt was doing at the time. Breaking through this year, Tibogo has already improved the U20 world record twice, first with 9.96 and then with 9.94, the last he ran in Eugene in the semi-finals of the Senior World Cup, where he was not yet able to reach the final.

Then in Caliban, a day after the 100-meter final, on Wednesday, in the 200-meter semi-final, he improved the world championship record by 19.98, which is of course still far from the performance of Bolt at the same age, since the Jamaican. The legend ran only 200 meters in his youth, and he had already reached 19.93 when he was 17 years old. Even at the age of 22, in 2007, his 100-meter best was only 10.03 seconds, and in 2008, the year of the Beijing Olympics, he exploded in the shorter sprint. Here’s an interesting side-by-side video showing Bolt and Tipogo stretching 200 seconds, twenty years apart:

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It is interesting to note how much more relaxed and easy Tebogo’s style was than Bolt’s at the time.

The final of the 200 meters will be held on Thursday in Cali at 5:30 pm Hungarian time.

It’s also worth knowing about Tibogo – who didn’t come out of nowhere, winning the 100m and finishing second in the 200m at the U-20 World Cup in Nairobi last year – that he trained to be a footballer, flogging at the age of six, but due to Because he wasn’t quite adept, he mostly wore the seat. So he switched to athletics because he was so fast. Maybe it was a good decision.

Currently, he is preparing to double, win the 200m after 100m race at Cali, and all he wants is to meet someone like his idol, his role model, Usain Bolt.

(Cover photo: Bwahiji Nkrumi of Jamaica, Letzel Tibogo of Botswana and Benjamin Richardson of South Africa in Cali on August 3, 2022. Photo: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images)