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Index – Sports – We’re here now – We finished the World Cup without a medal

We had no bloody hopes and we were a bit later than I was expecting but in the case of the virus this was our fourth world race of the year we are here now

MTI . said Caspa sus.

Note the expert in advance to Szabó Sebastian He was hoping for a medal based on his performance at the European Championships in Kazan in November. The swimmer from Gyor – who was injured immediately after a continental match in the Tatar capital, which left him missing for two weeks – was as close as possible to this on a 50-meter butterfly, taking fourth place.

He was very good in the European Championships, everyone was a few tenths of fifty metres, and as a world leader we can really expect a medal from him, but perhaps the virus lacked the freshness and momentum that characterized Kazan.

– said Csaba Sós, according to whom the calendar of competitions next year is not expected to change.

And it seems that the competitions will not be postponed, as next year will be very intense, as it will host the World Championships in May, in addition to Japan. The tournament date should also have been adjusted accordingly, so it is now ob. The European Championship is in August and we have to prepare because we are here now.

Regarding the state of the virus over the past two years, the coach emphasized that the Hungarians were in a much better position than their opponents. Last fall, the world’s best player in the International Swimming League was able to compete in Hungary for seven weeks.

We can even say that if we weren’t athletic, we’d be way ahead of our competitors now. We also closed a great Olympics, where we didn’t have a lot of medals, but we put out a lot of great places.

Csaba Sós emphasized that generational change is happening right now, and the next one will not be as shocking as the previous one, since global classes have been rare in the history of such a country, perhaps twice in the past fifty years.

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