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Index – Tech – After a long time, some innovation finally comes to Pokémon

When it comes to RPGs, the widest range is Pokemon As the video games that bring the world of pocket monsters to Nintendo consoles have appeared in this genre over the past few years. the Pokemon-Gaming has another important aspect: discovery. Combining this with a special combat system, the various development teams put works on the table that allowed players to appear on the screen for hours on end.

recently released Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Let’s go, Evie!, and the Pokemon Sword and Shield The well-known formula was also used. However, more and more gamers, including well-known YouTubers, have raised their voices against the fact that the Pokémon world is now very predictable in terms of gaming.

People are tired of everything PokemonThe game has been divided into rounds, probably mainly because of the enthusiasm of many pokemon snapet al., which appeared on the Nintendo Switch last April and all we had to do was take the best possible pictures of the most famous pocket monsters. the I got In addition, with access Pokemon, so it became clear that serious innovation was needed.

You don’t have to wait long for this, it’s January 28th Pokemon Legends: Arceus It’s a game that goes against tradition and seems to be worth stopping to use the Nintendo Switch because of it. Unfortunately, hybrid consoles rarely come with powerful exclusives even compared to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, so we’re especially looking forward to this release.

a Pokemon Legends: Arceus It guides you back into the past, a world where not even humans and pocket monsters lived side by side in a familiar and familiar relative calm. In the game, we can walk around the area of ​​Sinoh, or as it was called then, the area of ​​Hisui.

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And judging by the official gameplay videos, we’re going to have to tie our clothes because we’re waiting for us like sweaty boss fights like we’re used to in Soulslike titles. It’s not uncommon for the very lazy Snorlax to jump at us with glowing red eyes, and this game offers similar experiences based on the image series above.

It seems that the leaked information that was posted online a few weeks ago is so Mythology: Arceus It will be a very challenging and action oriented video game where the main enemies are sure to sweat the player for once. By the way, the protagonist performs a task in the game no less than the task of collecting the first Pokédex in the world, and only then will he be able to deal with the legendary monster named Arceus.

What hasn’t changed is that exploration and stumbling will play an important role in this game as well, and there will still be Pokémon that are easy to catch. However, there will be Mythology: ArceusThat we have to climb a mountain or cross the water, of course you will help our pokemon in this too, we will be able to overcome difficult terrain by riding on their backs.