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Index – Tech – Fortnite: Bringing iPhone the least amount of money

Documents a lawsuit between Forticite publisher Epic Games and Apple revealed that of the various platforms, PlayStation was actually the most profitable anyway, and iOS had always brought the least money into the game publisher’s kitchen.

Despite the controversy and litigation over the release and disruption of Fortnite on the iOS platforms (iPhone, iMac), it actually doesn’t matter to Epic Games, the game’s publisher, relatively little.

The most powerful platforms have always been consoles

– With PlayStation in their heads.

The $ 700 million is also pocket money for Epic

Of course, everything is relative, as it was recently revealed that the iOS version of Fortnite was still a huge source of revenue for Epic Games – the game brought in more than $ 700 million from iOS customers in the previous two years of Apple pulling it out, from court documents revealed before a lawsuit. Epic vs Apple. But even though that amount seems high, iOS is still not the largest platform in terms of game revenue – it looks like it might even be among the smallest.

Court documents show that PlayStation 4 generated 46.8% of total Fortnite revenue between March 2018 and July 2020, while Xbox One, the second largest platform, generated 27.5%. IOS is ranked 5th with only 7 percent of total revenue. The remaining 18.7 percent is divided between Android devices, Nintendo Switch, and PCs.

Epic Games David Nikdel, chief programmer at Fortnite Backend, has seen that a new slice of the cake in 2020 would have made a smaller slice of the pie: just 5.8 percent, compared to 24 percent for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. “About 40 percent”.

According to them, iOS always brought the lowest or the second lowest revenue, if we count Android, right?

The attorneys asked Joe Babcock, Epic’s CFO until March 2020 in a separate statement, to which he replied yes.

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Additionally, Babcock confirmed that the iOS version of Fortnite is generating less revenue month after month than the following platforms:

  • Playstation 4
  • Feelehetően Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC-k

Fortnite: The hen that lays the golden egg

IOS’s low revenue compared to other platforms might not be entirely surprising, according to earlier statements by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. In a statement, he said the Fortnite game, which runs on iOS, accounts for 10 percent of the average daily game player in the two years from the game’s launch to the game’s withdrawal from the August store.

And Fortnite itself is a billionaire company:

In 2019, it reportedly brought in only $ 1.8 billion in revenue. Incidentally, Epic has projected that the company’s overall revenue will be $ 3.85 billion by 2020, so a large portion of that is revenue from this single game, even though the company operates the Epic Games Store online, among other things.

Thanks to court documents released before the lawsuit, it is now clear where Fortnite is earning the most revenue – all despite the fact that mobile gaming is still a very solid market. However, most of Fortnite’s earnings seem to come from PlayStation and Xbox.

You can safely sue

From this perspective, however, Epic’s decision to fight Apple and Google makes more sense, even if they isolate these two companies, Epic can rest assured that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles will continue clipping through Fortnite, making it the most business video player. Profitable for all time.

Early in March, we wrote that Apple could be clipped not only in a lawsuit against Epic Games, but also in Antitrust investigation He also filed a lawsuit against the company.

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