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Index – Tech – Mobile version of the best shooting game in the world

Call of Duty Here, Battlefield is considered by many to be Ubisoft’s game, Rainbow Six Siege, which was released in 2015 and updated every few months with new players and locations since then, the best multiplayer shooter game in the world. Tactical FPS does not have very many competitors in its category, but it does have more players, as the video game has crossed the 70 million registered users so far.

Photo: Rainbow Six Mobile / YouTube

Ubisoft recently announced that it will be releasing a smartphone version of the original game called Rainbow Six Mobile, which will be available on both iOS and Android, and the publisher is promising to offer the same Rainbow Six Siege experience that PC and console players are accustomed to. . It’s only in portable form, so if someone feels like getting an R6 on their way home on the train, nothing will stand in their way soon.

In terms of gameplay, Rainbow Six Mobile maintains a 5v5 team-based Rv: which means there will be an offensive side at every turn, first mapping the terrain with their drones, then attacking the defenders, the latter equipped with cameras and traps to try and fight back.

Judging by the first preview, the Rainbow Six mobile game looks quite promising, each player retains its capabilities, and the destructive environment is equally present in the image sequence. There’s no release date yet, but it seems plausible that the gaming press is already referring to it as a revolutionary novelty. Until now, the vast majority of smartphone video games have been the work of men, with Rainbow Six Mobile being one of the first scripts written on the small screen that won’t get us wrong right away.

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Rainbow Six Mobile will be available for free. Ubisoft has been working on the mobile version for three years now, which is not meant to attract people here from other platforms. The publisher simply wants to provide an alternative for those who are not constantly sitting at home. The mobile game is meant to be a kind of portal psychedelic, a taste in itself so demanding that if you don’t want to buy it on a PC or console, you’ll also get the classic Rainbow Six experience over the phone, only with distinctly lower quality graphics.

In mobile Rainbow Six, it is already known that it will include ten well-known operators – Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, Hibana, Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie and Mute. The exact release date has yet to come, but Ubisoft is promising that Rainbow Six Mobile will be released in 2022.

This isn’t the first Rainbow Six Siege pop-up game anyway, the sci-fi horror movie Rainbow Six Extraction was released in January of this year, which is no exaggeration in the fact that in some places it made us freak out – our test It can be read here about him.