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Index – Tech-Science – 55 Years Since He Set Height Record In Gemini 11

The ninth manned spaceflight of the Gemini program took off from Cape Kennedy on September 12, 1966, then successfully joined Agena during its first orbit. After docking, both the commander and pilot had to practice detaching and then re-docking. Astronauts with the Apollo lunar program have already trained with this maneuver.

After the last successful docking exercise, using the Agena main engine, Conrad and Gordon orbited two connected spacecraft. Here Gordon had to walk into space, as the legend was uttered

Ride it, cowboy!

Also a sentence from Conrad after Gordon, while working out of the spaceship, had difficulty as some surface gripping. Gordon has also been photographed pressing the docking hull of the two spaceships between his thighs, giving him stability to perform his duties.

After the spacewalk, NASA’s Command Center gave the astronauts more comfortable missions for the rest of the day before they had to perform a planned acceleration maneuver using the Agena’s main engine, creating the longest distance from the Earth’s surface in the history of human spaceflight.

a Gemini – 11 In its 26th orbit, it launched the Agena engine, adding a velocity of 279.6 meters per second to its own engine, reaching the largest peak in Earth orbits at 1,374 kilometers.

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Conrad and Gordon were able to see record heights as the Earth began to shrink, with images taken during both orbits showing Africa, India and Australia at the same time. Standard height bend point They deviated from orbit on the third lap, decelerating over the United States at 280 meters per second, thus returning to their original orbital orbits.

Before returning, Gemini-11 began to spin due to a rupture spot, even joining Agena, who was the first to create artificial gravity in space. Fortunately, Pany did not cause any problems, the spacecraft successfully separated from the Agena, and later, as a last maneuver, successfully docked again, and then separated again. After that, Gemini-11 was first directed to Earth not by the commander, but by the on-board computer. After two days and 23 hours in space, the spacecraft returned to the Atlantic Ocean, where it was fished by the helicopter carrier USS Guam.