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Index – Tech-Science – A phone was developed for lonely dogs to contact their owner

Lonely dogs may soon be able to ‘connect’ to their distant owner with a new tool developed by British and Finnish researchers.

The working principle of a device called DogPhone is that when the dog catches a ball, the accelerometer built into it triggers a laptop that makes a video call and calls the owner.

Ilya Herskij Douglas, a researcher at the University of Glasgow, along with colleagues at Aalto University in Finland, invented the Labrador Zak. Herskig Douglas, a four-legged “lab assistant,” showed how the device worked and handed it to him for 16 days. Like research and development results From an explanatory study It turns out, in addition to a few random calls, that the Labrador used the device to communicate with his master and show him his toys.

He received video calls from Zack, and Hirskyj-Douglas showed his dog’s office, a restaurant, and a street stunt he used to trick the animal in front of his laptop screen. According to Hirskyj-Douglas, it is not certain whether the dog was aware of the causal relationship between the movement of the ball and the video link, but the fact is that on several occasions it showed a keen interest in what was seen on screen and behaved in the same way as during physical coexistence.

The operation of the tool is also presented by research leader Zack in this report:

Researchers hope that DogPhone, which has not yet been tested, can help reduce anxiety caused by loneliness in so-called pandemic dogs, pets accustomed to constant human presence during lockdowns required by the coronavirus pandemic.

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(Source: guardian, MTI)