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Index – Tech-Science – Abandoned Apple earbuds will be easier to find

This feature was announced by Apple back at WWDC in June, was originally supposed to be released at the same time as iOS 15, and finally arrived about a month later. After updating the AirPods Pro and Max tabs, the devices will appear in the Locator app, and you can tap on them to put them in Lost Mode or locate them with a search interface similar to AirTags. It’s important to note that things only work on Pro and Max devices, and 1st and 2nd generation AirPods didn’t get this feature.

To install the firmware update (4A400), you need to charge the headset and leave it near a connected iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS (15.1), which will automatically install the new firmware on the earbuds. There is no option for manual installation because Apple.

After the update, the earbuds will be added to the Apple Locator network (formerly Find My), where they will also emit Bluetooth signals that are detected by other Apple products, and the network will use this to locate the earbuds. Unlike AirTag tickets, earbuds are not UWB-capable, so the exact search interface just type, move away from or get close to an abandoned device, and show no exact direction. The software indicates this on the iPhone in blue, while the help for AirTag is green. about this a 9to5 Mac Share photos based on reader suggestion:

The left and right parts of the headphones can be searched separately using the locator, and sound can be played on them as an aid.

It displays automatically if someone wants to pair the headset with another Apple device. In this case, the rightful owner of the earphones will also be notified that someone has found their abandoned device and tried to use it. Optionally, an abandoned accessory can be locked remotely to prevent it from being used with a device that uses an Apple ID other than its own. So far, the company hasn’t talked about how Android phones, like the AirTag, will react when they want to connect it to an existing headset.

And to prevent someone from leaving your ear, you can set the device to notify you when the device is disconnected from the phone. specific phone app, Apple said.