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Index – Tech-Science – According to a Hungarian study, Sinopharm is ineffective in half of those over 80 years old

2021.07.20. 13:29

With age, protection from Covid-19 among those vaccinated with Sinopharm may drop significantly, said the research group led by academic Balázs Sarkadi and biostatistician Tamás Ferenci. Published study.

In the study HVG Publication, the authors note: This is the first large-scale publication of such research under laboratory conditions. This is also due to the fact that the use of the Chinese vaccine is licensed in more than 50 countries around the world, yet there is little information available on its effectiveness in certain sectors of the population.

The study examined viral neutralizing antibody titers in 450 people. The researchers found that gender and time had little effect on the presence of antibodies, and more importantly: While the antibodies were present in 90 percent of those under 50, and 25 percent in those over 60, And not at all in those over 80 years old. production started,

By age 60, low levels of antibodies are found in 60-75 percent of people.

The research also states that more than 1 million people in Hungary had received the Chinese vaccine by the end of June, and more than half (54.1 percent of those who received the first dose) were elderly. 84 percent of the study participants were men, 98.4 percent were under the age of 60, and all were healthy (this was not specified in the study material, the study is now published).

There is a significant risk that if a lack of antibody production provides less protection against disease, while older adults who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm may feel protected against Covid-19 infection, the false promise may contribute to the disease spreading indoors. very weak group

– say the authors.

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