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Index – Tech-Science – Amazon disengages Israeli spyware manufacturer

The NSO Group’s offline infrastructure and accounts for Amazon Web Services’ affiliate cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – mentioned Monday in Vice News.

The move came after 17 media organizations, in an international press collaboration, discovered in a report that one of the NSO’s programs had been used to hack the smartphones of journalists, politicians and human rights defenders around the world. It also appears that the Orbán government has been shopping for the spyware.

The Israeli company on Sunday denied the allegations in the report, saying the product was only intended to help intelligence and law enforcement agencies fight terrorism and crime. But the MP quoted an Amazon Web Services spokesperson as saying they acted “quickly” after learning of the activity in the report.

Direkt36 wrote about more than 300 people targeted in Hungary, who can be seen. He is among them

  • Mayor of Galleries, Giorgi Gimizzi, Mayor of Gudolo,
  • Four journalists, including two Direkt36 employees,
  • Janos Banati, President of the Bar Association and nine other Hungarian lawyers,
  • A photographer who worked with an American journalist on an article about the headquarters of the International Investment Bank, a Russian financial institution near the Kremlin, in Budapest,
  • Billionaire businessman, Zoltán Varga, owner of Central Media Group, which also publishes,
  • Attila Cekan, Professor of Economics, Senior Economy Minister in the Orban government, who was a guest of Zoltan Varga at a dinner in 2018,
  • The son of former Fides Treasurer, Lagos Simekska, who is the main ally of Viktor Urban until J Day,
  • and former CEU student Adrian Beaudoin, who was arrested at a 2018 anti-government demonstration.
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