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Index – Tech-Science – Anyone can delete a picture of them from Twitter

2021.12.05. 06:06

The company announced that Twitter is introducing an important innovation to protect its privacy. This means that anyone can now report a photo of her to the social networking site without prior permission, and Twitter can remove that photo. Public actors are an exception to automatic deletion, but for all of these requests, the social platform will weigh the context, the news value of the image, and whether it has become a subject of public discourse about it.

The community site announced on November 30 that the change, which complements the previous policy, will be implemented. So far, Twitter has only removed photos from its interface that misused personal information or documents, depicted a shameful situation, or were nudity. The latter also applies to portraits of public figures, Verge . writes.

The move is aimed at Twitter to help protect online privacy and prevent online bullying. The company says the photos and videos can cause emotional or even physical harm, with women, activists and members of minority groups in particular.

Requests to Twitter to remove the various images will be processed by a team of moderators, so they will have the discretion to make a decision based on the criteria described above and the decision to remove the images.

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