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Index – Tech-Science – Archaeologists also found beer bottles in the Royal Crypt of Tihany

Excavations have been completed on the subsidiary church of Tihany Abbey, so you can visit King’s Crypt again, where the tomb of the founder King Andrew I is located. It is believed that bones from the royal family were also found during excavations in the subsidiary church, said Auguston Takax, a prominent archaeologist, in a brief about the works.

He said that near the tomb of King Andrew I, in the subsidiary chapel, supposedly the bones of the founder or a relative of the monastery were found. As a result of the excavation, a medieval space was created, where an original tomb and traces of medieval floor remains can be seen.

During the work, which began in April, the cross of the eighteenth and 16-17th centuries. Remnants of horn ammo, money, coffin bolts and bronze fittings. A booth was found in the wall of the subsidiary church, which was probably the entrance overlooking the tomb.

Over the centuries, many were buried in the sub-church who are not easy to identify based on the remaining bones, but after determining the age and gender, it will be ascertained if the terrestrial remains of a member of the Beth Arpad are the bone collecting.

Excavations were made here as early as 1953, when a time capsule was laid.

The beer bottle, hidden as a time capsule, was broken at Monday’s event, and pieces of paper were found in it, but the writing on it was illegible, he writes Infostart.

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