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Index – Tech-Science – Beware, criminals are attacking by cunning SMS

According to an unusual posting posted on the website of the National Security Service’s National Cyber ​​Defense Institute (NBSZ NKI) on Friday, New Zealand’s CERT indicated that previously circulating malware called FluBot has returned to Hungary and is still being distributed by message. short via SMS.

It was written that the content of the messages may be different: they relate to the delivery of a pending parcel, a photo album shared with the recipient, or the arrival of a voicemail, for example.

However, the difference compared to the previous links is that this time the links in the messages open a web page in the browser related to a fake security update. Shaded: In fact, the infected device gets infected when you click to install the fake security update.

So NKI warns that no one should click links in suspicious SMS or allow unknown apps to be installed. If someone is waiting for the arrival of a parcel and wants to know the delivery status, it is always recommended to manually enter the address of the delivery company’s website and enter the package ID there.

If someone receives such a message, report it to the email address [email protected] ​​- Report to NKI MTI.

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