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Index – Tech-Science – BioNTech Leader: Vaccine reliably protects for the ninth month

The head of the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech said, in an interview on Sunday, that the third booster vaccine would not only restore protection against coronavirus disease, but also significantly enhance the body’s immune response.

The vaccine, which was developed in cooperation with BioNTech in Germany and Pfizer in the United States, has been shown in various studies, including data collected in Israel, to be twenty times less likely to be infected in adults who received a refurbished vaccine and a 97 percent increase in protection.

– Emphasis on the vaccine developed under the leadership of Catalin Kariko Ugur Shaheen, Who is therequest t photo on sundayThe increase in the number of vaccinations between vaccinations is a cause for concern in Germany.

The co-founder and director of the biotechnology research company said that the data collected in Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States

Vaccine protection drops from the fourth month of any Covid-19 cycle and drops sharply from the sixth month.

However, the vaccine reliably protects against severe disease up to the ninth month. All this means that in the vast majority of cases, the occurrence of infection in infected vaccines is mild to moderate severity and rarely requires hospitalization. Serious illnesses can occur mainly in the elderly, or among those who are overweight or who have an artificially weakened immune system due to medication due to another disease.

Ugur Shaheen to me People may be unsure of claims that 45 per cent of people over the age of 60 who are hospitalized with Covid-19 have been vaccinated, but it must be borne in mind that vaccination is very high in this age group.

According to the Robert Koch National Institute of Public Health, full vaccination is 85 percent effective in protecting people over the age of 60 from serious illnesses that require hospitalization, and 90 percent effective in protecting them from being placed in the intensive care unit.

The expert noted.

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In Germany, a much stronger epidemic wave has emerged than the first three in recent weeks. The seven-day infection rate, one of the most important indicators, broke the record on day 14, rising to 372.7 from a previous high of 362.2. The strength of the fourth wave is indicated by the fact that the index value did not exceed 200 during the first three waves.

According to the plans of the federal government in Berlin and the provincial governments responsible for the practical implementation of control, one of the main means to reduce the epidemic is to speed up the administration of revitalized vaccines. According to the latest data released on Friday, 5.6 million people – nearly 7 percent of the population – have received the booster vaccination. That number is set to increase to 27 million by Christmas.

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