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Index – Tech-Science – Conscious cannibals can cheer: Here’s a fake human meat burger

European allure! The company has developed a Human Meat-Based-Based Burger — a burger they say tastes just like humans — for those who want to indulge in fake human meat.

“We developed this burger in a jiffy once we knew the flavor and texture we wanted,” Omph said. Co-founder Anders Linden in a YouTube video. Over Halloween last year, the company set up a food truck in Stockholm, serving up “the scariest vegan food,” according to reports. from the inside .

The company released an ad, filled with ominous voiceover, depicting dark scenes in the kitchen as a chef develops human meat. Then people are invited to taste it.

The Madrid-based agency behind the campaign said it wanted to convince meat-lovers that plant-based products can re-taste any meat.

As a solution, we came up with the idea of ​​making a delicious vegetarian hamburger made from human flesh

said Thomas Ostelglia, the agency’s creative director.

This campaign won a Silver Award at the Cannes Lions Festival, the international competition for the creative marketing profession. The burger itself is made with soy protein, mushrooms, and wheat, plus vegetable fats and a mysterious spice blend. The company jokingly confirmed that “no human was injured during the development of this product.”

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