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Index – Tech-Science – Could Really Depend on Antibodies Whether Vaccines Pick Up the Virus

a Research According to a study in which thousands of health care workers vaccinated with Pfizer were tested, those with higher levels of antibodies have a better chance of avoiding not only serious illness and hospitalization, but also the infection itself.

In the past, the extent to which the number of antibodies indicated protection was disputed by many. In contrast, this study

An important step to prove that antibodies are really reliable in terms of protection

Said Miles Davenport, an immunologist at the University of New South Wales.

According to the study, 11,500 health workers were examined in Israel between the end of January and the end of April. During this time, a total of 39 people received the coronavirus by taking the two vaccines beforehand.

All experienced only mild symptoms.

In 22 of the 39 subjects, the antibody count was measured in the days immediately before infection was detected or on the day of registration. Their data was then compared with that of uninfected vaccines who were of the same age or health status.

The comparison showed that the number of antibodies in those who were infected was much lower than those who survived the virus.

Similar studies have been done with AstraZeneca in the past, and it has been shown that the number of antibodies can be a major factor in protection.

The analysis has not yet revealed exactly how many antibodies to achieve protection. Biostatistician Andrew Fiore-Gartland said the next big step in scientific research could be determining this number.

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