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Index – Tech-Science – DeepL already knows Hungarian

DeepL has been available since 2017, which, if not in bulk (DeepL currently knows 23 languages, Google Translate 109), but in terms of quality it looks better than Google Translate.

Of course, it is difficult to determine which is better in a completely accurate way, but the translation of texts leads to more accurate, comprehensible and nicer words in the Hungarian language as well.

Translation of the longest word Hungarian (DeepL)

In addition to the Hungarian language, I also reviewed the translation from English to French, and it seems clear that the quality of the translated text is better, there are no wrong interpretations, despite the context (often funny) the misinterpreted words than they were in the case of Google Translator.

Instead of the starry sky, the limit is 5000 characters here too

However, there are limits here as well. For texts longer than Google Translate, the somewhat annoying limit is 5,000 characters, which DeepL does not exceed. Fortunately, Word docx and Powerpoint files can be uploaded. However, for these documents, you have to pay for three uploaded documents (there are different monthly fee charts), while Google Translate is completely free.

By the way, Google Translate has improved a lot recently, thanks to the fact that users can constantly improve the better versions and send them to Google Translate, allowing them to “learn” from new versions. I used other translation software that looked better before (mostly for French translation), but it wasn’t clear if they were better than the good old Google translation in every way. We’ll see which translation software will be in the long run – we, the users, can only do so well with this increased competition.

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By the way, we tried to translate the longest Hungarian word (to defragment and imperative), and although both translators were tortured of course, Google Translate was still a bit closer to the original translation.