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Index – Tech-Science – EP Opposing Mass Surveillance with Artificial Intelligence

In a resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday, committee members rejected the use of artificial intelligence for mass surveillance.

In the report voted in plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs stressed the need for human oversight and strong legal powers to prevent discrimination arising from the use of MI, particularly in the context of law enforcement or border crossings.

According to the decision, AI-based identification systems are already misrepresenting a higher proportion of ethnic minorities, gays, seniors, and women. To ensure that fundamental rights are respected, algorithms must be transparent, traceable and properly documented when these technologies are used, MEPs pointed out. They added that authorities should use open source software where possible.

The members of the committee also called for the prohibition of automatic identification in public places in order to respect privacy and human dignity, and noted that citizens should not be monitored unless they are suspected of committing a crime.

MEPs also prohibit so-called social credit schemes, which assess the credibility of citizens based on behavior or personality. The European Parliament has also expressed concern about the use of biometric data to remotely identify people.

According to MEPs, for example, the use of border control gates with automatic detection should be abolished in member states, such as the iBorderCtrl system, according to MTI.

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