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Index – Tech-Science – Feelings like a cool stupid kid for a million forints

Basically, I’m not a big biker. I declare myself to be a particularly functional cyclist. This means that I usually ride to and from work, and on weekends I only bike for short, predictable distances. I don’t even have a really good bike. What I use inherited from a friend of mine. It’s about twenty years old, but it could also be a thirty-year-old road (or city?) bike with its first skewed fork. Next, I sat on an expensive wire donkey, yelling from afar, with the primary goal of being able to flex it as much as possible.

MATE brand bikes may ever exist thanks to community funding. The first version was launched in 2016 on the Indiegogo interface, where the target amount was raised smoothly. More than ten thousand supporters threw a total of 6.8 million dollars. So it turns out relatively quickly that people might bump into things and take it as an animal. Two years later, in 2018, came the MATE X, which could actually have been folded up and given wider wheels to catch up in the Beverly Hills mountains.

A piece of scooter, with a bit of a bike, electric scooter flavor

The more bubbly-looking version, the MATE X, is best suited for flashing around Madách Square. This allows you to draw in the street while cruising in low racer style. This allows you to pop into the main plaza for a sip of Club-Mate outdoors.

Other than the ride, I can’t really imagine what it might be good for. Well, you can go up Eagle Hill with it, maybe to the Bal Valley Cave, because the electric assist sends the irons so smoothly that you can climb the slopes of Buda without turning.

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And yes, it falls well into the bend. This wire bites and even stuffs the asphalt into the jaws. It is also good to drive on straight roads. Balanced patent. comfortable. We give a little “gas”, and we leave behind the sound of the flywheel, we can already pass it like the faces of a reflective champ, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda Superb coming to your ass on the highways.

Pumpkin Electric Motor comes in handy when you need to get started. We get a stroke, so we just have to deal with comfortable driving. There, too, the auxiliary motor drive helps a lot, because we still have to address a thirty-pound error.

Uncommonly enough, despite having an electric bike, the bike path turned out to be a strange environment to me, and as I pedaled between the cars, I didn’t feel the grace and lightness that an urban bike can give.

The merit cannot be disputed. Appearance, performance, that the electric motor can go up to 80 km with it, and that it can be closed, all this is good … But where, to whom and why is it worth 900 thousand forints?

With that much money you can buy a car or a motorcycle. True, they can’t be told what about this kanga, but if it was black, it would look a bit like Batman’s engine in The Dark Knight.

(Cover Image: Bodnár Patrícia / Index)