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Index – Tech-Science – First run 5 km with a robot

Founded by a staff at Oregon State University, a two-legged agility robot, Cassie, was the first to run 5 miles outdoors. The robot made its way without safety ropes, is on its own and runs on its own battery.

The two-legged robot is a tough type. Although they are easy to navigate in a human environment, they are more difficult than, say, the Spot Dynamics four-legged robot. Cassie can walk on two legs using machine learning, but she fell twice while running. Once because of the onboard computer overheating and once because its console tried to deal with it too quickly. The latter reveals that the robot did not go after his head, but was navigated by his development team.

The device, also known as the chicken robot, took 53 minutes and 3 seconds to complete

Includes 6 and a half minutes spent with 2 failures and restarts.

However, Professor Jonathan Hurst, president of Agility Robotics, believes that bipedal robots will arise around humans in the future.

In the not-too-distant future, everyone will meet and interact with robots in everyday life, work with us and help improve our lives.

He said Blog entryEbony Hearst, who says the two-legged robots will work in logistics, package delivery or as a home assistant.

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