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Index – Tech-Science – Floods cause massive damage to Australian wildlife

Conservationists say it is not yet known how many animals have died, injured or been forced to leave their habitats, only because many natural habitats have been destroyed and are already having “devastating effects”, possibly drowning many cave dwellers, including many wombat. Meanwhile, Brody Meaney said the scale of the disaster to wildlife cannot yet be estimated due to the dangers of massive water bodies, damaged roads and landslides, MTI reported.

The ecologist also believes that many wild animals have been forced to flee to non-native areas, making them more vulnerable to traffic accidents or attacks by predators.

Natural disasters like this are just another nail in the coffin of Australian wildlife

Mini said.

never seen it flood Because of the heavy rain that lasted for several days in February and March, especially in northern New South Wales. In recent days, authorities have warned residents of the risk of more heavy rain in an area already devastated in many areas.

An article in Australian newspapers about the thousands of freshwater turtles that have drifted into the sea, soaked wombats and antlers, birds and bandits, hungry snakes, abandoned kangaroos and thousands of farm animals. One can only hope that the number of animals has not perished as happened in the massive wildfires that devastated from August 2019 to March 2020, said Mark Slate, an expert with the Animal Welfare Association. In the unprecedented disaster, nearly three people were killed. Billions of wild animals are or are seriously injured, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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The latest environmental report found that 1,043 species in New South Wales alone are threatened with extinction. More than half of the 991 threatened wild species will not be around in a hundred years.