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Index – Tech-Science – For the first time, they have operated on a robot in oncology

The surgery was performed with the da Vinci Surgical System at the National Institute of Oncology, and four more surgeries are scheduled this week using robotic surgery.

The oncology robotic surgical device arrived on December 16, 2021, when Hungary’s first robotic surgical device was due to go into use in January. Urological and gynecological surgeries are performed with his help, and the first intervention was the previous – said Miklos Kasler, Minister of Human Resources, Facebook social networking sitethe side.

In medicine, the potential offered by robots began to be exploited in the 1970s. In Hungary we had to wait until 2021 for the first machine and to start training. In addition to oncology, Semmelweis University also has Da Vinci Xi equipment, making it the only robotic surgeon in Hungary.

It is time to introduce robotic surgery into Hungarian medicine, Attila Szijjarto, director of the First Department of Interventional Surgery and Gastroenterology at Semmelweis University, previously told the Index. According to the director, in addition to innovation, there will be a paradigm shift that will go beyond the human hand and help doctors with an expanded surgical vision, making surgical work more accurate and sophisticated.

Contrasted with director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna Analytics, which states, based on the results of 28 clinical studies, that robotic surgery is expensive, often lengthy, and has no advantage over classical surgery that results from operating the system, and special and intensive theoretical and practical training. Austrians examined thoracic and abdominal surgeries.

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The Da Vinci surgical robot system is used all over the world, more than six thousand devices are currently in operation, and 1.2 million interventions have already been made with their help. Doctors can operate the robotic arms of the da Vinci system through the dashboard, where surgeons can view the surgical area using a 3D video system and a high-resolution magnified image. Miklós Kásler writes in his report that robotic arms help manipulate surgical instruments more precisely, so you can perform more complex procedures not possible with traditional open surgery or laparoscopic procedures.

(Cover Image: Miklós Kásler / Facebook)