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Index – Tech-Science – From torn batteries, weigh a Tesla to a Lego Lambo

Road accidents have been curtailing for decades, and then somewhere at the height of the introduction of smartphones, the trend stopped improving. The driving control softwareAlthough it does not directly prevent accidents, it can indirectly help make roads safer.

The lack of chipsWe’ve heard a lot about it, leading to disruptions and multi-year waiting lists, but at a Ford dealership, we can now see up close how crowded semi-autos can be.

great anticipation ahead BMW week The new generation, on the one hand, because German limousines have always been a technological leader, and on the other hand, the shape of the car promises to be divisive. Either way, the key to luxury is keeping the car quiet, which many engineers work on.

The Puzzle Games Car groups often look like this because of the basic building blocks, but sometimes the angular shapes fit perfectly into the original design. There is no better theme than the Lamborghini Countach for this.

An argument has been made several times against the fact that the electric car is serious their batteries Due to wear and tear, they can be discarded after a few decades, which is unsustainable with such a weight and number of pieces. All is not lost however, if we can start the circular economy we can save a lot of batteries.

The tenth style Even the kind that swears Tesla, accelerating the sports car with its wing-like doors, is completely unnecessary, but once we had the opportunity to weigh a sample that worked like a taxi, we couldn’t turn it down.

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