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Index – Tech-Science – Global warming has doubled in fifteen years

Earth absorbs an unparalleled amount of heat. With this said, the excess of our planet’s radiation balance nearly doubled between 2005 and 2019, researchers from the US space agency, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed in a joint study.

Researchers are concerned about this growth. Radiative balance and excess is the difference between how much the Earth’s atmosphere and surface absorb the energy radiated by the Sun compared to the amount of infrared radiation that is returned to space.

A positive radiative balance means that Earth’s systems absorb more energy, causing the planet to warm. According to the researchers, data from satellite observations and data from floating observation points in the oceans also show this anomaly.

Data from ocean floating thermometers can be used to estimate the rate of ocean warming. Because the oceans capture 90 percent of the extra energy, data from satellite sensors must be consistent with ocean temperature change. Both independent observation methods showed this huge difference in changes in the Earth’s radiation balance.

Said Norman Loeb, a NASA researcher and lead author of the study.

The increase in greenhouse gas emissions keeps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, capturing radiation that would otherwise be returned in the space.

This warming causes changes such as melting of snow and ice. Increased water evaporation and cloud change will further accelerate warming.

Warming compounded the radiative equilibrium due in part to an increase in greenhouse gases and water vapor, and a decrease in clouds and ice.

According to the researchers, the natural phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean, when the surface temperature of the water shifts from cold to warm, is also likely to play an important role in intensifying the process, he writes. guardian.

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