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Index – Tech-Science – Have you ever heard of a bug-catching bot?

In 2022, MOME also announced its 7-10 creative app. For the age groups of the class, encourage them to form teams of two to five people, imagine what the future would be like, and plan something, an activity, and a service together.

The preliminary jury selected the ten advanced teams at the end of May, which developed their plans in June with the guidance of MOME’s mentors—researchers, designers, and theorists attending the Doctoral School, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s design students.

solar mushroom

Members of this year’s competition jury are Pal Koss, University Professor at MOME, and Vice-General of the University; Judith Penny, Associate Professor at MOME, President of The Theoretical Institute, which directs training for design and visual arts teachers; Ivaska Lasma, director of the MOME Center for Innovation, and Jasmine Hulusi, a student specializing in media design at MOME, served as the introductory judging panel for art journalist Nora Winkler.

First place was won by the Fawaris team from Győr (Éva Eszter Varga, Dorina Losonczi and Nelli Szabó – Győr SZC Kálmán Baksa Két Tanitási Nylvű High School). They applied with a mushroom solar design, which, in addition to generating renewable energy in city public spaces and bus stations, also serves as a rainwater collector, humidifier, shading, and air purifier.

Thanks to their plan, by 2042, noise pollution and carbon dioxide emissions can be significantly reduced, the mental health of city dwellers can be improved, and new jobs can be created.

insect picking robot

Second place went to the Team Future Perfect (Pap Ambrus, Pap Hanna, Mihály Polyák – II. Ferenc Rákóczi Elementary School, Kazinczy Ferenc High School and College, Győr), who designed robots called BG bug that work with artificial intelligence.

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Beetle-shaped robots are tasked with collecting harmful or invasive insects, such as the potato beetle, as well as monitoring and coordinating gardens’ ecosystems.

Co-op board game

Team Wetis (Sándor Enikő, Gabriella Soós, Tamara Szögedi, Szofi Williams, Anna Réka Zsíros – Eszterházy Károly Catholic Primary, Secondary, Elementary Art and Pedagogical Institute, Eger) achieved 3rd place through a comprehensive and collaborative board game, key concepts being admission and the climate crisis.

Players together protect a city from natural disasters. The game supports the participation of people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired, through the interactive whiteboard and smart accessories.

The Special Jury Prize went to Team Raven (Berecz Viven and Rebeka Kreskai – Budapesti Komplex Szakképzési Centrum Kreatív Technikum). Their plan offers a solution to the energy crisis, which has also become important in transportation, in the form of a completely eco-friendly vehicle that uses propellers to get power from incoming winds, MTI quotes the announcement.