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Index – Tech-Science – HBO Max will be discontinued, and a new streaming platform will be created

According to David Zaslav, HBO Max has competitive advantages but has had performance and user issues. According to him, Discovery Plus has a much better set of technologies and will serve as the basis for the new streaming platform. edge.

So the new service will combine the contents of HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

The manager says the new platform will be excellent and plans to launch a free ad-supported streaming service. The new service will be launched in the summer of 2023, and by 2025, the number of subscribers is expected to reach 130 million, compared to the current 92 million.

The The Hollywood Reporter According to his report, the name of the new service has not yet been revealed, but it is known that it will be launched first in the United States, then in Latin America, and then in 2024 it will be available in Europe and others. markets.

As previously reported by Pointer, it has unexpectedly disappeared from the HBO Max show detective And that golden life. In addition to Hungarian series, European and Latin American content Big part It is also no longer available. HBO said at the time that it was preparing to integrate HBO Max with Discovery Plus, as both platforms would be analyzed to create the final service.

(Cover Photo: Jacob Borzeki/NoorPhoto/Getty Images)

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