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Index – Tech-Science – Here is the first house in Germany built with a 3D concrete printer

2021.07.30. 08:31

Two floors, 160 square meters of living, two bathrooms, kitchen, wavy wall texture, rounded corners. The first 3D model house was built in Beckum, Germany. Its advantage is that it requires much less labor to produce than property built with conventional technology, and that it is completed faster.

In addition to manpower, new technology also saves materials, time, and money for anyone wanting to move into an experimental built home. The property is constructed by a concrete spraying machine (Cobod Bod2) that injects or lays layers of concrete 2 cm thick and timed on top of each other. The method approaches concretely in the video below.

Before the machine goes into action, the architect sits at a design table and makes a 3D model of the house, windows, doors, sockets, wiring, and the last sill in place, then the plans are sent to the robot, which gets to work. The structure pulls special concrete from a silo and builds walls at a high speed – 1 meter per second. The striped nature of the wall structure gives a futuristic feel to the property, but the walls can be plastered and made quite plain.

The special feature of the construction robot itself is that only two people are needed to operate it, it is capable of producing organic and straight shapes. The financial implications of printing and building the house are not yet known, but it is already possible to look inside this house.

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