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Index – Tech-Science – Here’s the solution: that’s why our cars are so colorless

The streets are full of white, gray and black cars. However, not only the buyer can do this, it will become clear from Total Car News who they are. We’ll expose a new type of license fraud, and show you the BMW you definitely don’t look at in the parking lot.

The BMW iX is not about unbridled direct pursuit, nor is it about overwhelming paranoia. With recycled furnishings and electric propulsion, it promotes a sustainable future, i.e. So let’s save the planetif it breaks, until:

Obtaining a license is expensive, and exams are often stressful. This is a very good broker for for scammers, who recently promised, for example, that they would not care about such a thing. Enough to pay and wait:

Street scenery can be very frustrating when it comes to the color of cars. Here is gray, and there is black, and there is another color, look, it is white! But where is the real and the vital, Vibrant colors?

If we say, treasure, most people think of the legendary racehorse. However, there is already a sports car with this name: it bears the name of Tibor Bak, a Hungarian investor living in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of galactic detail in it, but already production approaching:

It seems to be finally revealing why Audi needs the Ken Block. Gymkhana’s father, along with his team of American shoe racing showman, got some electric cars About playing a little:

(Cover Photo: Dániel Csepreghy / Totalcar)

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