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Index – Tech-Science – In the video, when Richard Branson went into space, he successfully returned

70-year-old English billionaire businessman Richard Branson embarked on a spacecraft aboard his commercial space exploration company, Virgin Galactic VSS Unity, although there is no consensus on where exactly we can calculate the space.

Anyway, he managed to take off, and there was also a live stream of the event, although unfortunately no good recording of the takeoff has been announced yet.

The seventy-year-old billionaire was previously scheduled to only test his sub-orbital plane after two more test flights, but after Jeff Bezos announced he would be among his space tourists on July 20, Virgin Galactic received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration in late March. June From the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Tourism, Branson decided to test the astronaut’s experience alone with four scientists and pilots at VSS Unity.

The July 11 mission is VSS Unity’s fourth manned mission. The unit is capable of carrying six passengers as well as two pilots, having been tested a total of 22 times in the past. However, during the tests so far, only astronauts and trained pilots can fly, not civilians.

Update: Richard Branson has successfully returned from his space flight, and the landing went smoothly. A concert greeted the audience on the runway, where Khaled sang some songs.

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