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Index – Tech-Science – Katalin Karikó is one of this year’s New York Medical Academy winners

Along with his research partner Drew Weissman, Hungarian biochemist Katalin Kariko will also receive the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) award, which will be presented in a virtual event late Tuesday night, Hungarian MTI reported.

According to the announcement of Szeged University, which quotes the recognition, Healthcare Innovators In addition to Katalin Karikó, seven researchers, health professionals and institutions will receive NYAM recognition this year for their understanding and management of the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a breakthrough and innovation that will transform medicine and treatment. Unlock new opportunities to build a healthier world.

NYAM honors Catalin Carrico and Drew Wiseman for their distinguished work in the biomedical sciences.

According to the organization’s website, Katalin Karikó’s research has focused on RNA-mediated mechanisms for four decades, with the ultimate goal of developing transcriptional mRNA for protein therapy in humans. He examined RNA-mediated immune activation and discovered that nucleoside modifications suppress RNA immunity. This pioneering work opened the door to the therapeutic use of mRNA.

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