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Index – Tech-Science – Katalin Karikó received a prestigious European award

MTI reports that Catalin Carrico and two of her fellow researchers will receive Europe’s top prize, the 2022 Janet Cullen Prize for Translational Medicine.

Katalin Cariko and his colleagues, founders of BioNTech, CEO Ugur Sahin and Medical Director Ozlem Türec, jointly acknowledge the design and development of mRNA-based vaccines that are said to “safely protect humanity from the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

Their work will have an unparalleled impact on the development of future vaccines against pathogens and cancer cells

– He praised the results of the joint work of the three researchers at the Louis Gantt Foundation in Geneva. The award ceremony will take place on October 11, 2022, according to an announcement Tuesday.

The Louis-Jeantet Prize is the best prize awarded in Europe: about 500,000 Swiss francs (about 176 million HUF) are awarded, but only ten percent of it goes to the world who received it personally. 90 percent of the grant must be used to fund ongoing research, so the award encourages the pursuit of innovative research projects as well as recognition of work done by outstanding researchers. It is no coincidence that 14 of the 100 researchers honored by one of the Louis Janet Prizes have so far won the Nobel Prize.

the convict Katalin Kariko will fund her research at the University of Szeged The educational institution announced.

Katalin Kariko and her fellow researchers have already received several joint prizes, such as the 2022 Paul-Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prizes, as well as the German Future Prize.

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(Cover photo: Katalin Kariko after receiving the Human Dignity Award in Budapest on May 7, 2021. Photo: Zoltán MTI/Balogh)