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Index – Tech-Science – Katalin Karikó received another important scientific award

Hungarian biochemist Catalin Kariko received the Grande Médaille Prize, the French Academy of Sciences’ highest honor, this year, MTI wrote, referring to the institution’s announcement on Tuesday.

According to the assessment on the academy’s website, Catalin Cariko, BioNTech’s Vice President, has been leading pioneering research on mRNA and its therapeutic use since the 1990s. His work has been instrumental in the fight against Covid-19, in developing new vaccination strategies.

According to the announcement of the University of Szeged, which reports on the recognition, the Grande Médaille recognition was established in 1997 by the French Academy of Sciences. When it was created, the original 1802 Lalande Prize and the Benjamin Valz Foundation Prize were combined, as well as 122 additional Foundation Prizes.

The Grande Médaille Prize is awarded each year alternately to a French or foreign scholar working in a field covered by the various departments of the Academy. The main aspect of the French Academy of Sciences is the introduction to the world of the Grande Medille which made a decisive contribution to the development of science and, thanks to the originality and international influence of its discovery, created a school around it, thus encouraging others to do so. Do a search.

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