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Index – Tech-Science – Lisel, Hungary’s oldest gorilla, celebrates its 45th birthday today

Liesel, the oldest gorilla in the Budapest Zoo and even in Hungary, celebrates its 45th birthday on Good Friday. On this occasion, caregivers receive the festive with a special cake made according to the taste of monkeys, and by 4 pm the Jane Goodall Institute is waiting for the conservationist and apes audience in the House of Humans, which also includes the gorillas – and the botanical garden, which, according to tradition, has a lot of Programs, experiences and attractions for the long Easter break.

Children will be greeted with bunny pets at two different points in the zoo on all four days of the period from Good Friday to Easter. In addition to trying to raise awareness of responsible rabbit farming, the zoo also wants to offer an alternative for families who know they can’t take care of a rabbit in the long-term, but don’t want kids to miss the opportunity to “try the rabbit.” For the same reasons, the Zoo Foundation also organizes a symbolic adoption of an Easter bunny.

Zoo staff also prepares a number of additional audience programmes, visual feedings, and animal demonstrations. Among other things, there will be shark feeding and shark training, an anthill scene feeding, a bonsai show, a tropical plant inspection, sea lion training, and an elephant school.

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