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There is a way that no matter how much money you have is infinite, you cannot buy what you want. You can buy it again, but there’s a Dacia gasping around your neck. Among other things, this and the time-traveling Honda will be discussed in today’s Totalcar newsletter.

When it comes to a new car, the most stylish type today is the hobby SUV. Of these, the Porsche Macan is perhaps the best, but the difference between the Standard and the GTS is the piano. Totalcar also considered where to put it on this scale dacia district:

If you think that money is for everyone who has enough to buy anything, then you are wrong. The Ferrari Monza SP1 is extremely rare and can only be found in the garage for those who are likely to have it Other specialties as well:

An interesting error has been observed on some older Honda models. According to the phenomenon referred to as Y2K22, the onboard system will not be able to count until after 2021, so the date will fall back to January 1, 2002. Marty McFly likes this:

At the touch of a button, it fires, and if we’re not careful enough, Hennessy’s 1,817 horsepower monster might eat a man. Information on Venom F5 We have written more here:

If you’ve always been interested in alternative fuels – ie petrol and diesel – look no further, you’ve found what you’ve been craving. Great White Model M 1909 motorcycle but the main turn isn’t enough to start it. Jay Leno shows himself How it works:

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(Cover Photo: Total Car)