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Index – Tech-Science – now official: Internet Explorer is over

2021.05.21. 06:04

For a long time now, Microsoft’s vegan and meme-based browser has been following Netscape in “the cemetery”: in 2022, Redmond will be retiring forever. It doesn’t go fast either.

Internet Explorer vegetation has continued specifically since Microsoft introduced the 2015 Edge alternative browser. (It’s actually been dying for a long time, because Firefox and Chrome haven’t had much laurels since they were.) Of course, since many of the memes are born out of slow explorer,

It comes out very slowly

But it’s still official now: Internet Explorer has reached the end of its life.

Internet Explorer 11 desktop will be retired and will not be supported on June 15, 2022 on certain editions of Windows 10

Microsoft announced on Wednesday a In a blog post.

Microsoft cites better Edge compatibility with modern websites and legacy IE features like ActiveX as the main reason for IE’s retirement, and Redmond has also cited better Edge security. Old versions of Internet Explorer were notorious for their security holes, and IE 11 still only receives security updates on a monthly basis, unlike the more popular security fixes for Edge and other modern browsers.

The removal process will begin this year: On August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 and Other Apps will no longer support IE11. Until 2029, Edge will continue to support Legacy Internet Explorer-based sites and apps.

Where is the wheel?

So let’s suddenly (but only guilty) collapse one of Microsoft’s slowest and most vulnerable browsers of all time to come down to the grave next to Netscape.

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According to NetMarketshare data last fall, Internet Explorer is indeed

It accounts for only 5 percent of the total web traffic.

According to other statistics, this rate is less than 1%. This may also be the reason why Internet Explorer 11 was released in 2013 and has barely been updated since then.

Technically, 2022 doesn’t mean the end of IE for a select group of Windows users. Microsoft added that retirement does not apply to the long-term servicing branch of Windows 10 or the Windows Server edition.

(Microsoft Blog)