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Index – Tech-Science – Old fast food restaurant opens in Pompeii

MTI reports after the management of the archaeological park that the old fast food restaurant, which was revealed in Pompeii last year, will open to visitors on Thursday. Archaeologists announced in December that excavations in Pompeii had revealed an ancient fast-food restaurant still in unparalleled condition.

Massimo Osana, head of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii at the time, said that while the remains of eighty snacks had been discovered in the excavations so far, the so-called “thermopolis” hot food canteen was first unearthed entirely under lava and ash. City burial.

A portion of the counter of an old fast food restaurant was discovered in 2019 at the archaeological site. Since then, researchers have worked tirelessly to explore the entire canteen. They were able to free the table, above which utensils were kept for storing hot food in wide recesses, just as in a fast-food restaurant today, where soup containers are drowned out at the counter.

On the table, you can still clearly see the yellow paint as well as a rooster and duck mural. These weren’t just decorations, they may also have promoted the menu.

According to Valeria Amoretti, an anthropologist who is a member of the Pompeii group of archaeologists, the frescoes partially depict foods and drinks sold locally. Fragments of duck bones, as well as the remains of goats, pigs, fish and snails, among other things, were found in the vessels carrying the catch.

The old fast food restaurant was conveniently located: it opened on a small square with a fountain, and I found another thermal town nearby.

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