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Index – Tech-Science – Prince William presents first green ‘Nobel Prizes’

A project in Costa Rica, India and the Bahamas was also among the winners of the Earthshot Award, which was distributed for the first time on Sunday. The honor, which was established last year by Prince William of Cambridge, also known as the Nobel Prize for the Environment, has been awarded in five categories in London, MTI reported.

The winners in each category took home a prize money of £1 million (427 million HUF) at an awards ceremony at Alexandra Palace in London, where British actors Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and David Oyelowo also joined Prince William.

The organizers are looking for solutions to problems affecting climate, oceans, air pollution, waste management and biodiversity that could help the planet regenerate by 2030. The prize is open to individuals, communities, scientists, activists, economists, governments, banks, companies, cities and entire countries.

The winners in the five categories were chosen from a shortlist of 15 nominees by a jury that also included naturalist David Attenborough, actress Cate Blanchett and Colombian singer Shakira.

Costa Rica won the Nature Conservation and Restoration category award. The South American country has cleared most of its forests, but has now doubled the number of trees. The core of the winner’s program is to pay local people to restore natural ecosystems as well as revitalize the rainforest.

The air purification award went to Indian company Takachar for manufacturing a portable machine that turns agricultural waste into fertilizer, thus preventing farmers from burning their land, causing air pollution.

The Coral Vita project in the Bahamas has won the Ocean Revitalization Award, which uses a new method to help restore the world’s dying coral reefs. This method was developed by two friends in the Bahamas: corals are grown in special tanks to replace dead corals, so new corals grow fifty times faster than in nature.

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The Building a Zero Waste World Award was awarded to Milan, Italy, for a program to collect unused food and distribute it to those in need. The initiative significantly reduced the amount of food discarded in the city, as well as tackling the problem of hunger.

A project looking for a solution to climate change has acquired a Thai-German-Italian project: the AEM electrolyzer breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce hydrogen with renewable energy, a step forward because fossil fuels are commonly used for this purpose. .

Prince William spoke at the awards ceremony, saying the next 10 years will be a “decisive decade” for the planet as time runs out.

A decade doesn’t seem to be enough, but humanity has been able to solve seemingly unsolvable things before.

said the prince.

The concert’s performers included Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, and to maintain the award’s eco-friendly commitment, their music was powered by 60 cyclists, BBC News reports.