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Index – Tech-Science – Protection will decrease for those vaccinated with Pfizer after a few months

There hasn’t been much heartbreaking news about the Pfizer vaccine. The financial times And Pfizer presented a study conducted by the University of Oxford, one of the most famous educational institutions, which showed that the effectiveness of Pfizer almost halved four months after the second vaccination.

The study looked at seven hundred thousand British patients and could indeed take the delta variable into account. Anyone who receives a second Pfizer vaccine will have their protection reduced to ninety percent after one month. This drops to 85 percent in the second month and 78 percent in the third month. After five months, Pfizer, like AstraZeneca, offers only fifty percent protection.

The study also highlights that individuals vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, that is, those vaccinated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, may need a booster vaccine to ensure they are protected from the delta variant.

We previously wrote in the wake of an article in the Guardian that research has shown that vaccines infected with the delta variant have the same number of virus as those without. Researchers say Pfizer is 15 percent more effective against the Delta variant than AstraZeneca. However, protection began to decline more slowly than the latter. Five to six months after administration, the level of protection is approximately the same.

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