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Index – Tech-Science – Radioactive contamination at Chernobyl could degrade in 5 years instead of 24,000

Compared to the time known so far, the radioactive contamination in Chernobyl can be decomposed much faster with the help of a new technology. While it was known until now that the natural decomposition of radioactive pollutants in the vicinity of a former nuclear power plant takes about 24,000 years, it now appears that this period can be reduced to only 5 years.

Interesting engineering from the ground up Article – Commodity The technology, known as the Passive Separation System (NSPS), was deployed to a one-acre site between November 2019 and September 2020, resulting in a 37 percent reduction in soil radiation and about 47 percent in the air.

NSPS technology uses the elements of particle physics and nuclear energy without the use of environmentally harmful substances to combat severe radioactive pollution and significantly accelerate the decomposition of radioactive materials. The process breaks the bonds that hold radioactive isotopes in the soil together, and the entire process is said to take place below the soil surface in a safe manner.

Earlier, the index also reported that those responsible for managing the formerly affected area have serious real estate development plans in Chernobyl, so the Ukrainian State Real Estate Fund wants to “revive it from the rubble.” Already in early November, the first auction was announced to allow bidders to bid on real estate in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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