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Index – Tech-Science – Researchers study a drunken monkey

Researchers at California State University noteGeoffroy spider monkeys prefer to eat fermented fruit. Scientists say the observation could also help figure out why people love alcohol.

The study found that monkeys regularly consumed fruits that contained less ethanol. And the urine of two samples contained metabolites, proving that alcohol not only passes through the animals, but is digested and consumed.

We were the first to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that wild animals consume ethanol-containing fruits without human intervention.

Tell Christina Campbell from the university. He added: “More research will be needed, but so far the drunk monkey theory appears to be correct.”

The hypothesis, developed in 2000 by Robert Dudley, is that primates’ craving for ethanol is an evolutionary feature that allowed our ancestors to reach the most ripe and vibrant fruit before many animals. They note that the human race’s preference for ethanol today is much more dangerous and does not provide a nutritional benefit.

Geoffroy spider monkeys do not drink the fruit they eat, it only provides them with extra energy and is supposed to have antimicrobial effects.

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