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Index – Tech-Science – Seller is threatened because you don’t buy your car, someone stole a 450 passenger from the audit salon, and it crashed

If someone announced an undamaged car, but it turned out that the broken one was just put up for sale, then it would be appropriate to surrender in silence. But there are also cases when the merchant threatens to sue. Meanwhile, a drifting drone car tanker has caught fire in the Atlantic, and we’re showing pictures of Ferrari’s first SUV.

There are sellers who cannot afford it if the interested party does not buy the vehicle they are advertising. Because let’s just listen to his opinion before he jumps into the trap. About such cases Irish Auto Checker:

fire extinguished On an unmanned car carrier drifting in the ocean. Damage is severe, estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Cars aren’t just lost there:

There is a lot of debate about the value of a basic course for a Class B license. Certainly it also depends a lot on the talent and motivation of the student to get to where the exam is to be taken. Tulaaj in the latest show on Janka’s track A Test his new law on a slalom track:

Introduced the top of the Ford Ranger series raptor, but the pickup arrives at us somewhat poorly. Unlike Australians, who can be greeted with full force:

Ferrari is working on the first hobby SUV in its history. The model is now named Purosangue leaked photos We can like this year’s premiere:

Finally, the untalented car thief who is one Stolen from a closed salon An Audi RS4 worth 25 million HUF. He crashed on the run, unable to handle a 450-horsepower sportier lineup:

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(cover photo: Ford)