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Index – Tech-Science – SpaceX’s spacecraft launches the International Space Station with ants on board

The US spacecraft SpaceX launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday laden with ants, avocados and robotic weapons. The cargo, which is due to arrive at the International Space Station on Monday, is the 23rd commission that SpaceX has completed in just ten years for NASA, MTI writes.

According to NASA, a recycled Falcon rocket carrying a Dragon cargo ship took off from the Kennedy spacecraft in Florida, and the first stage quickly detached and descended onto the new SpaceX marine platform. The Dragon successfully orbited, the cargo ship carrying a payload of 2,170 kilograms, materials and equipment for the experiments, and fresh food for the space station crew on Monday.

The Girl Scouts of America movement has sent ants, shrimp and plants for experiments, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have submitted goose seeds for genetic experiments, and a Japanese startup has provided robotic arms that will be tested first inside a space station.

The launch was originally scheduled for Saturday, but was postponed to Sunday due to bad weather.

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